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Studio Photos

Studio Description

Abbey Road Studios is the most famous recording studio complex in the world. We have an unparalleled history of recording, having worked with some of the world's most celebrated artists, producers, composers and orchestras.



Custom Made Neve DFC Gemini


B&W Nautilus 800D (5)

Floating Gear


Pyramix systems (2)

DAD AX24 (2)


Pro Tools systems configured on request from HD1 to HD7 (7)

Prism ADA-8 (12)

Prism ADA-8XR (2)

DigiDesign 192 (34)

16tk 2” headblocks for Studer A820 (2)

8tk 2” headblock for Studer A820

Studer A820 (6)

2tk ½” Studer A820


Auratone (2)

Acoustic Energy AE2 (2)

B&W DM1200 (2)

B&W 805N (5)

Adams SA-3 (5)

Genelec 1031A (2)

KRK 7000B (2)

HHB Circle 5 (2)

KRK 9000 (2)

KRK E8 (5)

Yamaha NS10M (6)

Mic Preamps

AMS Neve Montserrat mic pre-amps (36)

AMS Neve 1081 mic pre-amps (12)

Award Session Master pre-amps (2)

Avalon M2 mic pre-amps (2)

Avalon M5 mic pre-amps (2)

Avalon VT-737sp channel strips (2)

Chandler Channel

Focusrite Platinum Voice Master mic pre-amp/EQ/dyn

Chandler Germanium pre-amp/DI’s (2)

Focusrite ISA 215 Dual Mono mic pre-amp & EQ

EMI RS56 Universal Tone Control (Curve Bender)

dBX 760x mic pre-amp

GML 8300 mic pre-amps (2)

Revolution mic pre-amp

Ridge Farm pre-amp

Summit Audio Dual Tube pre-amp TPA-200A


EMI TG 12412 EQ (3)

TC Electronic 1128 28 band graphic EQ (2)

Neve 33115 EQ

API 4 channel EQ with 550b modules

Klark Technik DN27 Graphic EQ (5)

Pultec EQP 1A EQ (2)

TL Audio EQ-2 parametric EQ

TL Audio N1 EQ

Urei 545 EQ


Allison Research Gain Brain Model 700 compressor

ALTEC RS124 compressor pairs (2)

Anthony Demaria Labs Mono Comp/Lim 1000

BBE Sonic Maximizer 822 BSS DPR 402 compressor/limiter/de-esser (2)

Allison Research Kepex Model 500 gate

Chiswick Reach valve compressor

dBX 160 compressor/limiter

dBX 902 de-esser pairs (3)

dBX 160A compressor/limiters (2)

Drawmer DS201 dual gates (2)

Drawmer M500 dynamics processor

Drawmer Vacuum Tube 1960 compressors (3)

EMI TG 12413 stereo limiters (2)

EMI/Chandler TG1 compressor

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8 (2)

Neve 33609/J stereo limiter/compressors (2)

Fairchild 660 limiters (3)

SSL stereo compressor

Summit Dual compressor/limiter DCL-200

Teletronix LA-2A

TL Audio Dual Valve pre-amp and compressor

Urei 1178 stereo limiter

Tube-Tech Stereo Valve LCA 2B

Tube-Tech CL 1B compressor

Urei 1176LN limiters (5)

Urei LA-4 compressor/limiter


Schiedmayer Celeste

Challen Studio Piano

Hammond Organ B3

Steinway upright

Hammond Organ RT3

Golden Voice keyboard

Jacques Samuel upright

Korg Oasys Korg M1

M-Audio Keystation 88 USB master midi controller

*requires additional rental fee