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Studio Description

Home to some of the greatest recordings in modern music history.


Mic Preamps

API 512 Pre Amp

Drawmer 1960 Mic Pre

Neve 31081 Mic Pres

Mastering Lab Mic Pres

Shep 31105 Mic Pres

Studer D-19 Mic Pres


Fz69x-R Compex

API 550b

GML 8200

ITI Me230


Neve 31081

Neve 32074

Pultec Eqp1a

Pultec Hlf-3c

Shep 31105

Sontec MES 432

Trident Audio Development Cb9066


Fz69x-R Compex Limite

Pairs D.B.X. 160 Compressors/Limiters (2)

D.B.X. 162 Stereo Compressor/Limiter

Drawmer 1960 Stereo Vacuum Tube Compressor with Mic Pres

Fairchild 660 Compressor/Limiter

Inovonics 201 Limiters (2)

Neve 33609 Stereo Precision Limiter/Compressor (2)

Neve 33609c Stereo Precision Limiter/Compressor

Pair Neve 2254e Limiters/Compressors

S.S.L. G384 Stereo Compressor/Limiter

Teletronix La2a Compressors/Limiters (2)

Pairs Teletronix La3a Compressors/Limiters (2)

Universal Audio La3a Compressor/Limiter

Universal Audio 1176ln Limiter (2)

Universal Audio 1176ln Limiter

Dolby 361 Type A Noise Reduction Module Cat 22 (5)

DBX 929 Single Ended Noise Reduction (4)

Drawmer Ds201 Gates (2)

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

AMS Dmx15-80s Stereo Delay (2)

AMS Rmx16 Stereo Reverbs (2)

Capitol Stereo Live Chamber Reverbs (8)

EMT 250 Quad Reverbs (2)

EMT 140st Stereo Plate Reverbs (3)

Lexicon Pcm70 Stereo Reverb

Pair of MXR Auto Flangers

Roland Sde-3000 Delay

TC Electronic System 6000 Multi Channel Reverb/Effects

Yamaha Spx90-2 Reverb/Effects (2)


Fender Rhodes 73 Key Suitcase Model Electric Piano With Amp

Hammond B-3 Organ With 2 Leslie 122r Rotating Speakers

Marshall JCM800 100 Watt Guitar Amp With 4 X 12 Slant Cabinet

Matchless Dc-30 Combo Guitar Amp With 2 X 12 Speakers

Steinway Model B 7 Foot Grand Piano

Wurlitzer 145b Electric Piano

Yamaha Cf 9 Foot Concert Grand Piano

*requires additional rental fee