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Hey guys, my name is Joey Roach of Cold Weather Studios. I have been recording/mixing for quite some time now as I started in the early 2000's. I generally specialize in mixing and producing amateur rock and metal (with all the relative genres) bands and musicians. My primary goal is to help bands and musicians (along with their respective label and or management) achieve an audio product that is professional sounding while incorporating the artists personal tastes in tones and audio production at the most affordable price possible. My experience in and recording bands that range from acoustic rock all the way to strange metal bands have enabled me to provide advice and insight on many aspects of engineering and producing records for bands and musicians with many different goals. Ultimately, I feel that the commissioner of a album has final say on how the record should sound. So I work really hard to give them the product that they want.




Cubase 5

Nuendo 5.5

Studio One 2.5


MOTU 896 mk 3


yorkville YSM6 (2)


Sure SM-7B

Rode NT 1

AT 4040

Sure SM-57 (4)

APEX 460 Tube

Samson C01

APEX 580

Blue Spark

Audix D2

ACMco Dreamland (2)


dbx 266xs


Ltd EC-1000

Nepal Horn

ibanez SRT805DX

Assorted Acoustic Guitars (4)

Lignatone Trumpet


Schecter C-1 Hellraiser


Boss GTPro

Virtual Instruments

Superior Drummer 2.0

Absynth 5

Ivory Piano

Kontakt 5

assorted freewares

*requires additional rental fee