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Studio Photos

Studio Description

Lord Baltimore Recording, is a full service recording, mixing and mastering facility in Baltimore, we offer the best-of-both-worlds setting for digital and analog recording.



MCI JH636 restored vintage console


Sony APR24

Pro Tools HD2 TDM System

Panasonic SV-3800 Pro DAT


Dynaudio BM15A active mastering monitors

Yamaha NS10 nearfield monitors

Hearback Personal Monitor Mixer

Fostex T20 and Koss UR20 headphones

JBL MP412 / MP418 PA speakers / wedges with QSC amplifiers

Mic Preamps

Great River MP2NV

API 3124

Presonus MP20

Altec 438C

Hamptone Tube preamp


ADK A51s condenser (2)

AKG D112

AKG Solidtube tube condenser

Audio-Technica AT4050 multi-pattern condenser (2)

Audio-Technica AT4033a condenser

Audio-Technica ATM33r condenser (2)

Audix D6

Audix D4 (2)

Audix OM7 (4)

Audix OM2 (3)

CAD 95 condenser (2)

CAD C1000 condenser

Charter Oak SA538A multi-pattern tube condenser

Electrovoice PL5 omni

Electrovoice PL9 omni

Electrovoice 635 omni

Electrovoice RE20

Microtech Gefell UM92s multi-pattern tube condenser

Neumann KM184 condenser (2)

Neumann TLM193 condenser

Oktava MK219 condenser (2)

Oktava MC012 condenser with cardioid capsules (5)

Oktava MC012 omni capsules (3)

Realistic pzm (2)

Sansamp bass driver DI

Sennheiser MD421 (3)

Sennheiser e604 (4)

Sennheiser e609

Shure KSM 44 large diaphram condenser (2)

Shure BETA57a (4)

Shure BETA52a

Shure KSM32 condenser

Shure SM7

Shure SM57 (12)

Shure SM58 (5)

Shure BETA91 pzm

Shure SM81 condenser

Shure KSM 313 bi-directional ribbon

Radial J48 active DI

Radial ProD2 Stereo DI

Radial X-Amp re-amp interface (2)

Radial Phazer Polarity Adjustment Tool

Whirlwind IMP2 DI (4)


Manley Massive Passive stereo parametric tube EQ

Orban 622B dual parametric EQ

Furman PQ3 parametric EQ

Rane ME30 30-band graphic EQ

DOD dual 15-band graphic EQ


Manley Vari-Mu stereo tube compressor

Emperical Labs Distressor EL8

Altec 438C vintage tube


BSS DPR404 quad compressor / de-esser

JBL/Urei 7110 compressor

ART Pro VLA stereo tube compressor

DBX 1046 quad compressor

Ashly SC55 vintage stereo compressor

DBX 128 vintage stereo compressor

MXR vintage dual limiter

CBS Audimax III vintage leveler

Symetrix 525 vintage dual compressor

TC Triple-C digital multiband stereo compressor

Universal Audio LA-2A

Gatex quad gate



Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

DBX 120 subharmonic synthesizer

Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer SE

Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer D/SE

Maestro Echoplex vintage tape delay

TC M-ONExl digital FX

TC M300 digital FX

Alesis Microverb 4 digital FX

ART FXR digital FX

Deltalab Effectron vintage DDL

Ibanez DM1000 vintage DDL

Korg SDD-1200 vintage DDL

Boss DM-3 analog delay

Electroharmonix Bi-Filter


Gibson GA45 Saturn amp

Marshall Plexi 50 watt head

Fender 1965 Bassman head Blackface

Fender Musicmaster bass amp

Fender Super Champ amp

Fender Spring Reverb amp

Fender Deville amp

Fender 2x15 cabinet

2x12 Orange cabinet

2x12 Custom built cabinet

Pearl World Series custom drum set

LP Conga drums

with stand

LP Bongo drums

Pearl free floating brass snare drum

DW double bass drum

G&L L-1000 Bass

Fender Jazz Bass 1970s reissue

Fender Telecaster Thinline 1972 reissue guitar

Opcode Studio 64 XTC

Yamaha CBX-K2 MIDI controller

Oberheim Matrix-1000

Peavey Spectrum Analog Filter

Crummar Orchestrator Analog Synth

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver

Apple Powerbook

Korg MS2000

Software Plugin Bundles

Pro Tools HD 9

Waves Diamond Bundle

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle


Sonoris DDP Mastering Software

Toast Titanium

Massey Plug-Ins

G-Force Mtron Pro

*requires additional rental fee