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Studio Photos

Studio Description

This studio is the birthplace of several top 40 radio singles, having been previously occupied by a handful of producers including Matt Squire, Bryan Russell, and Brian McTernan who originally built the studio. It has a very large live room with high ceilings, which is incredible for drums and acoustic instruments, a very comfortable and spacious control room, a large iso booth, two small amp isos, and a ton of gear mic choices for days, a wide selection of instruments and amplifiers, keyboards, fantastic outboard equipment and Pro Tools HD. Fully equipped band quarters are also available right next to the studio.

Rental Options

General Studio Session w/engineer

4 hour minimum


General Studio Session w/engineer

Certain artists are eligible for our flat rate. Please submit demos and links for eligibility.


General Studio Session w/engineer

Get a discounted rate for booking a whole day, up to 12 hours.




Pro Tools HD

Avid HD Native

Digidesign 192 I/O


Apogee Ensemble

Lucid AD 24/96

Focusrite Octopre Dynamic

Fostex VC-8

Motu 896HD


Genelec 1030a

Yamaha HS-50m

Yamaha HS-80m

Event TR8


Alesis Monitor One

Mic Preamps

Melcor AM-27 (2)

API VP-312 Classic (2)

API VP-26 Classic

Chameleon Labs 7602

Avalon U5

John Hardy M1

Universal Audio UA-610

Yamaha PM-1000 (2)

Focusrite Octopre Dynamic

Soundcraft Spirit M12

Presonus Blue Tube (2)

Apogee Ensemble


Neumann U87

Neumann TLM103 (2)

Neumann KM185 (2)

Rode NTV (2)

Rode NT1

Sennheiser MD421

Sennheiser e609 (3)

Sennheiser e604 (6)

Shure SM81 (2)

Shure SM57

Shure SM57 transformer mod

Shure SM7b (2)

Shure Beta 52 (2)

Shure Beta 57 (2)

Shure Beta 91

AKG 451 (2)

AKG d112 (3)

Audio Technica 3031 (2)

Audio Technica 4050

Audio Technica 4033

Audix d6

Audix i5

Octava MK-012 (3)

Studio Projects C1

MXL 603 (2)

Sterling ST79

AKG C3000b

Unidyne III Vintage


Universal Audio 610

Chameleon Labs 7602


Empirical Labs Distressor

Universal Audio 2-1176

Vintech 609CA

Valley People Dyna-Mite

Ashley CL 52E

Universal Audio 610

Focusrite Octopre Dynamic

Electrix FilterFactory

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

Yamaha SPX 90


Marshall JCM-900 Orange AD-30

Orange Rockerverb

Orange Tiny Terror

Ampeg SVT Classic

Ampeg SVT Vintage Reissue

Fender DeVille Combo

Kustom 200

Tama Starclassic Birch

Pearl ELX

ddrum Dominion Ash Kit

Pearl ELX Kit


Maple and Steel Snares

Gibson Les Paul Custom

Fender Telecaster

Fender Stratocaster

Fender Mustang

Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic

Fender Jaguar bass

Fender Precision Bass

Rhodes Vintage Eighty Eight

Riga Custom MIDI Piano

Yamaha CP-60 Piano

M-Audio Axiom 61

M-Audio 88 key controller

Casio Casiotone 61

Multivox MX-30 Elec Piano

Korg Microkorg


M-Audio Oxygen25

Korg NanoKey

Roland SPD-S

*requires additional rental fee