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Studio Photos

Studio Description

The Bunker Studio is a recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC and is owned and run by John Davis andAaron Nevezie.


  • Vocal Tracking
  • Band Tracking
  • Larger Ensemble Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Analogue Summing
  • Tape Transfers
  • Editing



Custom 26 channel Auditronics


Studer A80 2

ProTools 10 HD3 Accel DAW

Logic 9 DAW

Lynx Aurora 16s|

Mac Pro 2.66GHz Quad-Core computer

iZ Corp RADAR24 24 track digital multitrack/editor

Studer A810 1/4


Westlake C3w12 with Adcom Gfa555

Yamaha NS10m (2)

Auratone (2)

Mytek Private-Q headphone system (2)


Mic Preamps

Neve BAE 1084 (6)

Neve 1073LB (2)

Neve 5012 Portico (4)

Api 512c (10)

Api 550 parametric EQ (2)

Api 560 graphic EQ (2)

Daking 52270 Mic Pre/EQ Trident A range

Avalon U5 Class A direct box (2)

ShinyBox Si 500 series transformerless (2)

Eisen Audio Custom John Hardy 990 circuit (4)

Electro Harmonix 12AY7 tube preamps (2)

UREI 564 Stereo EQ

Auditronics console preamps (26)

Focusrite Trakmaster (2)

AudioTechnica phantom power supply


Neumann U67

Neumann UM57

Neumann CMV563

Neumann U77

Neumann U87 (3)

Neumann KM84

Gefell UM71s

Gefell CMV692

Gefell CMV691

RCA 44 ribbon

RCA 77d ribbon (2)

RCA 74 ribbon

Coles 4038 ribbon

AKG 414

Groove Tubes GT44 tube

Oktava MK012 (4)

Beyerdynamic m160

Beyerdynamic m201

Beyerdynamic m88

AudioTechnica 4047

Sennheiser e602

Sennheiser e604 (3)

Sennheiser e609

EV 635a (2)

Shure SM57 (6)

Shure SM58 (3)

Shure Beta87

Nady RSM1 (2)

Random low fi mic collection

Neumann U47Fet


Gates Sta Level

Gates Solidstatesman broadcast limiter

Federal AM864/U tube limiter (3)

Drawmer 1968me stereo tube compressor

SSL4000 stereo compressor by Camilo Silva

Neve 33609 stereo compressor/limiter

UA 1176 compressor/limiter (2)

UREI LA-4 opto compressor (4)

Daking FET compressor

DBX 160a (3)

Symmetrix 501

Focusrite Trakmaster (2)

Orban De-esser

Valley People Dyna-Mite gate/expander (4)

UA 1176 Bluestripe clone

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

Echoplate III Plate Reverb

Roland RE-101 Space Echo

Ibanez AD202 Analog Delay

Lexicon 200 Digital Reverb

Roland RX100 Spring Reverb

Roland DC30 Analog Delay

Bricasti M7 Digital Reverb

Korg SDD1000 Digital Delay


1969 Steinway M grand piano

Yamaha Upright piano

Sohmer console piano

Hammond C3 with Leslie

Rhodes 54 electric piano

Wurlitzer electric piano

Octave CAT analog monosynth

Yamaha CS5 analog monosynth

Yamaha CS01 analog monosynth

Dave Smith Prophet

Casio Casiotone 101

Roland RS-09

Korg Monotribe

Korg Monotron

Emu Emulator II vintage sampler

Toy Piano

CB Percussion


Stylophone (2)

1966 Ludwig drumset

Sonor HiLite drumset

Premier drumset

Sabian and Zildjian cymbals

Fender 1968 Super Reverb

Fender 1969 Vibro Champ

Fender 1965 Deluxe Reverb Re-issue

Fender 1970?s Bassman 50 w/4x10 cabinet

Fender Blues Junior

Fender Pro Junior

Fender 1x12 speaker cabinet

Ampeg 1960?s Gemini II

Gibson 1960?s GA15 Minuteman

Moviola squawk box tube amp

WalterWoods bass amp

Aguilar AG500 bass amp

Aguilar DB751 tube/FET bass amp

Aguilar b112 bass cabinet

Aguilar db212 bass cabinet

Software Plugin Bundles

Sound Toys


*requires additional rental fee