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Studio Photos



Sony/MCI MXP3036 36 channel


3M M56 2" 16 track tape machine

Otari MX5050 1/2" 8 track tape machine

Ampex 440B 1/4" stereo tape machine


Paradigm A20

Yamaha NS-10

Klipsch Heresys

Mic Preamps

API 212s preamps (3)

Neve 3104 Discrete Mic Pre/EQ (2)

Telefunken/Siemens V78 1960's Tube Mic Preamps (2)

Telefunken V672 preamps (2)

Millennia HV-3b (2)

Ampex 440 tape machine audio modules (2)


7AKG 414EB (2)


Neumann KM86

AKG C451eb (5)

BLUE C12 (2)

Audio Technica 4060 (4)

Oktava MC012 (2)

MXL 2001 (3)

Audio Technica 4033

Audio Technica 3525

MXL 603 (2)

Coles 4038 (2)

RCA 74b (2)

Beyerdynamic M320 (2)

Oktava ML19 (2)

Beyerdynamic M201 (3)

Sennheiser 421 (5)

EV RE20 (2)

Shure SM57 (3)

Sennheiser MD409 (2)

Sennheiser MD441 (2)

AKG D112 (2)


Shure SM7

Beyerdynamic M88TG

ElectroVoice 636 (2)

ElectroVoice 676 (2)

EV 664 (2)


Radio Shack PZM


Crown DC300


RNC stereo compressors (2)

Purple Audio MC76 compressor (2)

dbx 160 compressor (2)

dbx 165a compressor (2)

Gates Solid Statesman limiter

dbx 903 compressor (2)

Alesis Micro Limiter stereo compressor

dbx 902 de-esser

Behringer Intelligate gates (2)

SPL Transient Designer


Kawai K2 full size upright

Baldwin upright tack piano

Hammond C3 organ

Rhodes Mark 1 stage piano

Wurlitzer 206 electric piano

Yamaha DX7 digital synth

-Audio 49 key MIDI controller

Ludwig classic 3-ply kit

Ludwig Vistalite clear plexiglass kit

Ludwig big kit

Gretsch round badge kit

Slingerland kit

Pearl Session Series kit

Ludwig Super snare drum

Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum

Slingerland wood snare

Gretsch round badge wood snare

Kaye jumbo acoustic guitar

Gibson SG Junior electric guitar

Gibson SB-350 short scale bass

Fender Squire P bass amps and cabs

Marshall JMP 100w

Fender Pro Reverb

Fender Deluxe Reverb

Fender Showman

Fender Bassman 50

Sovtek Mig 60

Ampeg V-4B 100w bass amplifier head

Fender Champ

Fender Vibrochamp

Ampeg Reverberocket

Ampeg VT-40 combo amp

Ampeg B-15N flip top combo amp

Ampeg B-18N flip top combo bass amp

Gibson GA-20 combo amp with original speaker

Gibson Maestro stereo combo amp w/ reverb and tremolo

mpeg SVT bass cabinet

Software Plugin Bundles

AKG BX-10 Stereo Reverb

Master Room stereo spring reverb

Lexicon LXP15 stereo digital reverb

Ecoplate III plate reverb

Peavey Valverb tube tremolo and spring reverb

Ursa Major Space Station digital delay

Stage DE1 analog delay

Delta Labs ADM1024 Effectron II digital delay

Korg SDD1200

MXR flanger/doubler

Dolby 361 NR

Technics turntable with Grado Black cartridge and Nikko Beta 20 preamp

*requires additional rental fee