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Asylum Digital Recording Studio

7714 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd. Mint Hill, NC 28227 US

Studio Description

Asylum Digital Recording Studio features an 850sq. foot live room with a (very comfortable) 300sq. foot control room. These great sounding & spacious rooms were purpose-built around our collection of modern & vintage gear. The open layout of our new live room allows for plenty of flexibility, whether we are tracking a full band or solo vocalist.


  • Vocal Tracking
  • Band Tracking
  • Larger Ensemble Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Analogue Summing
  • Audio Restoration
  • Editing



Soundtracs Megas Studio 32 channel / 24 bus


Audio Technica M30 headphones (6)


JBL 4408

AKG K240m headphones

Tannoy Reveal

AKG K141m headphones (4)

Direct Sound EX25 Extreme Isolation headphones

Hafler Pro2400

Oz Audio Q-Mix HM-6 headphone distribution

Mic Preamps

API 500 Series Lunch Box (4)

Yamaha PM1000 Class A fully discrete custom mic preamps (2)

Ward Beck Systems 470a Class A transformer-coupled custom mic preamps (2)

Radial X-AMP Reamp

Soundtracs Megas (32)


CAD Trion 7000 ribbon

Shure 57 cardioid dynamic (4)

Electro Voice RE15 super-cardioid dynamic (2)

Telefunken D11c cardioid dynamic

Groove Tubes GT44 tube cardioid w/hypercardioid & omni capsules (2)

AKG c414 BTLII multi-pattern condenser

hypercardioid & omni capsules (2)

Audio Technica atm4033 cardioid condenser (2)

RFT/Gefell pm750 cardioid condenser (2)

Bock Audio 195 cardioid condenser

Shure Beta 52 supercardioid dynamic

omni & figure-8 tube condenser

Shure 404B omni dynamic

Electro Voice RE20 cardioid dynamic (2)

Russian Oktava mk012 condensers w/cardioid

Audio Technica atm4040 cardioid condenser

Russian Oktava mk319 cardioid condenser w/ custom Michael Joly mods (2)

Behringer ECM8000 omni reference condenser (2)

Sennheiser md421 II cardioid dynamic (2)

CharterOak SA538B cardioid

Shure 58 cardioid dynamic

Electro Voice RE16 super-cardioid dynamic (2)

Karma K-Micro cardioid condenser (2)

Audio Technica atm4050cm5 multi-pattern condenser (2)

Russian Oktava mk219 cardioid condenser w/ custom Michael Joly mods (2)

Audio Technica atm450 cardioid condenser (2)

Sennheiser e602II cardioid dynamic


Ashly SC-66a stereo parametric EQ

MXR m108 Graphic EQ

Fairchild 664 mono passive EQ

Electrix EQ Killer stereo parametric EQ

Orban 622a mono parametric EQ


CBS Labs Volumax 400 broadcast limiter

Drawmer DL241 dual-channel compressor/limiter/gate

ProTech Audio 66304 mono compressor/limiter

Alesis Smashup stereo compressor

UA 1176 compressor/limiter

Ashly CL-50e mono compressor

Biamp Systems Quad Limiter

dbx 160xt mono compressor

ProTech Audio 66303 mono compressor/limiter

Symetrix 501 mono compressor/limiter

Ashly CL-50 mono compressor

Audion PS 3010 stereo compressor

Danelectro Daddy-O distortion

Moseley Associates TFL-280 mono limiter

Symetrix CL-150 mono compressor

Applied Research and Technology Pro VLA stereo vactrol compressor

Ashly SC-50 mono compressor

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

Heil Talkbox

Electro Harmonix Q-Tron envelope filter

MXR Distortion +

Arion MOC-1 octave

TC Electronic D-Two stereo digital delay

Deltalab Effectron Jr. digital delay

Electrix Filter Queen stereo filter

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI distortion

Maestro Echoplex tape delay

MXR Phase 90 phaser

Deltalab ADM 256 digital delay

Furman Punch-10

Electro Hamonix Bassballs filter

Ibanez SB7 Synthesizer Bass filter

MXR m120 Auto Q filter

Arion SAD-3 delay

TOA 310d digital delay

Fostex 3180 stereo spring reverb


EMU EMAX II sampler

LP Aspire 8? & 6 3/4? Bongos

Toca Synergy 12 x 24? Djembe

Zildjian A Custom 20? projection ride cymbal

Fender Pro Jr. 1 x 10? combo amp

Music Man 100RP amp head

Wuhan 12? china cymbal

Zildjian A New Beat 14? hi hats

Fender Standard Telecaster in arctic white finish w/ Lindy Fralin Blues Special pickups

Oberheim Matrix 6R synth

Wuhan 10? splash cymbal

Akai MPC2500 drum machine/sampler

Gretsch Double Jet electric guitar in black finish

Rane Serato SL1

Yamaha Stage Custom 14 x 5 1/2? cranberry red snare

Arp Solus analog synth

Korg DSS1 sampler/synth

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak analog synth

Yamaha Stage Custom 16 x 16? cranberry red floor tom

EMU EMAX sampler

Kustom tuck & roll 100c-8 4 x 8? combo amp

Technics SL-1200M3D turntable

Zildjian A Custom 18? fast crash cymbal

Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb 2 x 10? combo amp

Moog Opus-3 analog synth

Vox Pathfinder 15 1 x 8? combo amp

Zildjian A Custom 10? splash cymbal

Fender Squier 51 electric guitar in sunburst finish

Numark DXM09 DJ mixer

Wuhan 8? splash cymbal

Gretsch Committee bass guitar (1980) in natural walnut finish

Pork Pie Little Squealer 13 x 7? black satin over maple snare

Yamaha SK-30 analog synth/organ

Ampeg Classic SVT-410 hlf 4 x 10? bass cabinet

Ibanez AW200 acoustic guitar in violin finish

Roland V-Synth XT synth

Yamaha Stage Custom 12 x 9? cranberry red tom

Emenez Industries 37 key tabletop toy organ

Korg Poly-800 analog synth

Technics SL-1200mkII turntables

Zildjian A Custom 14? hi hats

Epiphone Valve Jr. Head guitar amp

Magnasync Moviola URS Squawk Box 4? combo amp w/ custom mods

Vox Custom Classic V212BN 2 x 12? cabinet

Zildjian A Custom 8? splash cymbal

Fender Rhodes Stage 88 MK1 electric piano

Numark DXM06 DJ mixer

Wuhan 14? china cymbal

Gallien-Krueger 100G 1 x 12? combo amp

Pioneer DJM500 DJ mixer

Yamaha M06 synth

Ampeg SVT-2 Pro bass head

Hammond S-6 chord organ

Rogers R-360 14 x 5 1/2? chrome over brass snare

Yamaha Stage Custom 10 x 8? cranberry red tom

Danelectro Dead On 67 electric guitar

Korg microKORG synth

St. Blues King Blues Custom PJ bass guitar in black finish

Yamaha Stage Custom 22 x 17? cranberry red kick drum

Software Plugin Bundles

Samplitude Professional 10.2 by Magix

Celemony Melodyne pitch & time correction

Reason 4 by Propellerhead + tons of cool Refills

Acid Professional by Sonic Foundry/Sony

*requires additional rental fee

Asylum Digital Recording Studio

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7714 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd. Mint Hill, NC 28227 US
(704) 492-9289

Studio Details

Largest Room Sq. Ft: 850.0 sq ft.

Ceiling Height:12.0 ft.

Number of Rooms:3

Max # of Inputs:32