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1809 Minor Ave Seattle, WA 98101 US

Studio Photos

Studio Description

BLDGs isn't just a recording studio, it's a philosophy. Built by musicians for musicians, we know that getting quality sounding recordings shouldn't break your bank and we set our prices to prove that. If you want a latte machine and intern to use as a whipping boy, go somewhere else. If you want an endless list of quality amps, drums, keys, guitars and outboard gear then we got you covered. Plus, with our newly introduced digital distribution set-up with The Orchard, we can help you get your blood & sweat out to a larger demographic. This isnt our studio, it's yours. Come and use it.

Rental Options

General Studio Session w/engineer


General Studio Session w/engineer


Mixing w/engineer


Mixing w/engineer


Mastering w/engineer


Rehearsal Room Rental



  • Vocal Tracking
  • Band Tracking
  • Larger Ensemble Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Location Recording
  • Mastering
  • Vinyl Mastering
  • Tape Transfers
  • Editing
  • ADR, Looping, Post Sync
  • Field Recording



Trident London 24


TEAC 85-16 1"



Apogee Rosetta 200


ProAc 100 Studio

Mackie 824s

Mic Preamps

API 3124 4 channel mic pre

UA 2-610

Wunder Audio PEQ2R (2)

Shadow Hills GAMA (2)

Trident (16)


Shure 57 (8)

Shure KSM 32 (2)

Sterling Audio ST-31 (2)

Audix D2 (2)

Audix i5

Shure 58 (4)

Coppertone "Copperphone"

AEA R 84

Shure Beta 52

Audix D6

Ampro CB mic

Grundig GDM 19

Nuemann CMV563 w/ m7 capsule

Royer 121

Rode NT5 (matched pair)

Audix D4

Altec Lansing 195A (w/ 540A power supply)


Mercury EQ-P1 (2)

Joe Meek SC-2 Compressor / Meequaliser

API 560 (4)

Weiss EQ-1 Lin/Dyn digital EQ

Trident 24 (32)


Purple 1176 (mc77)

DBX - 166XL

LA 2A Tube Compressor

Distressor EL-8X

Joe Meek SC-2 Compressor / Meequaliser

Distressor EL-8

Manley Vari Mu

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler

Eventide - H3000

T.C. Electronic M-ONE

Pioneer Reverb tank

Echoplex Tape Delay

Eventide DSP 4000 Ultra Harmonizer

T.C. Electronic M300

Electrix Filter Factory

Lexicon MPX100

Eventide Orville Harmonizer

Yamaha SPX990

Stomp Boxes

Electro Hamonix Pog 2

Boomerang Phrase Sampler

SansAmp GT2

Roland VG8 V Guitar

ProCo Rat

Misc A/B Switches (3)

Danelectro "Hashbrown" Flange

Crybaby 535

Electro Hamonix Q-tron

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

Electro Harmonix Freq. Analyzer


Roland Space Echo RE-201

DigiTech PDS 1550

Fulltone Supa-Trem

Danelectro FAB Echo

Roland GR-30

MI Audio GI Fuzz

Line 6 POD

Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler

VOX Valvetronix Tonelab SE

RFX Vibraflange

Boss Chromatic Tuner

Danelectro FAB Chorus

Morley Bad Horsie


ION Digital Drums

Peavey T-40 Bass

Hohner Harmonicas (different pitches) (3)

Electribe ES-1

Gibson 150 Hollowbody Guitar



G&L F-100 Electric Guitar

4 String Banjo

Casio Casiotone MT-70

M-Audio ProKeys 88

Vantage 818G DT-1 Electric Guitar

Alvarez Acoustic Guitar

Fender Strat Electric Guitar (2)

Teisco Electric Guitar

Gretch 4 piece Rock Drum Set

Taylor Acoustic

Magnus Organaire

Roland Handsonic

Ibanez Artcore Series AXD-82P electric guitar

Ludwig 14" Snare (2)

Acetone TOP-5

Kingston Electric Guitar

Misc Violins (6)

Hohner Melodica Studdent 32

Hammond Electronic Organ

Gibson Flying V Electric Guitar

Xylophone (1 & 1/2 Octave)

Suzuki Q-chord

Godin G Series Electric Guitar

Rogue Baritone Acoustic

Schyling Toy Piano (1 & 1/2 Octave)

Roland R-5 Human Rhythm Composer

Fender Telecaster


Optigan w/ original Sampler Discs

Ibanez GT Series Electric Bass

Misc. Chromatic Harmonicas (4)

Morrell Lap Steel

Yamaha PS-20

Rogue Electric Bass

Hohner Melodica Pro Series

Wurlitzer Electronic Organ


Danelectro Baritone

Tate 20


G/K 400RB Bass Amp


UniVox Solid State

Ampeg Reverb Rocket

Roland KC-250 Keyboard Amp

Rivera TBR-1M

Danelectro HoneyTone

Roland KC-550 Keyboard Amp

Fender Ultimate Chorus

Crate GX-15

Ampeg BA115HP

VOX Pathfinder

Fender Hotrod DeVille

Peavey Classic 50

Software Plugin Bundles

Universal Audio Package

Waves Package

Misc FX

Renaissance Package

Virtual Instruments

Virus Synth Modeler

East/West Goliath


*requires additional rental fee
1809 Minor Ave Seattle, WA 98101 US

Studio Details

Largest Room Sq. Ft: 540.0 sq ft.

Ceiling Height:15.0 ft.

Number of Rooms:3

Max # of Inputs:16