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Studio Photos

Studio Description

A High-End professional recording studio based around a beautiful vintage NEVE console.



Tascam m-1016

NEVE 5316 vintage Neve console class AB


Studio custom made computer by Digital AudioWorx running Steinberg programs


Euphonix MA713 high-end Madi to Analog converter (2)

Euphonix AM703 high end Analog to Madi converter


Yamaha ns10m studio

Focal Twin6 be


Mic Preamps

FOCUSRITE ISA 115HD 2ch vintage micpre and EQ design by Rupert Neve

DACS clarity micamp

Requisite Audio Pal Plus MKIII micpre

Anthony DeMaria labs 300-G Stereo tube direct box

NEVE 33114 class AB vintage mic pre and 3 band eq with filters


Neumann U47 vintage tube mic with k47 capsule and Andreas Grosser's VF14 tube

Beyerdynamic m380

Beyerdynamicm88 (2)

Neumann KM84 (2)

fromDigital Audio Service

Schoeps CMC4 (2)

Microtech Gefell m94 nickel cardioid capsule (2)

sennheiser md421 (2)

Avenson Audio STO2 accurate tiny-diaphragm omnis (2)

Microtech Gefell PM860 (2)

Bang & Olufsen B&O Bm3 vintage ribbon mic with NOS RCA ribbon

Neumann U47 the Holy Grail Vintage tube mic with PVC M7 capsule and VF14 tube

Beyerdynamic m260dx


Neumann U87AI with Andreas Grosser Mod

Latch Lakehigh end Mic Stands with Xtra Boom

RED12 omni microphones (4)

Microtech Gefell m71 cardioid (2)

Shiny Box 46MXC Ribbon Microphones (2)

Audio-Technica AT 4047/v (2)

Microtech Gefell m69 omni capsule (2)

shure sm91

Bang & Olufsen B&O Bm3 vintage ribbon mic

Neumann M49b Vintage tube microphones

Beyerdynamic m201 (3)

Neumann U67 vingate tube mic

Beyerdynamic m500

Electro Voice EV N/D 868 Bass drum mic

Neumann Km86 multipattern sdc mic (2)

Lewilson 212 Custom made tube mic with Ck12 capsule (2)

Schoeps MK4 cardioid capsules (2)


Microtech Gefell m70 nickel cardioid capsule (2)

shure sm57

Bang & Olufsen B&O Bm5 vintage stereo ribbon mic

Microtech Gefell MV691 with Andreas Grosser MOD (2)

Beyerdynamic m160


Telefunken Siemens w295b vintage equalizer (2)

Telefunken IPS F2000 vintage equalizer (2)

Summit Audio EQP 200A Pultec style tube Eq

Universal Audio 6176 channel strip 610 tube preamp eq and 1176 FET compressor


JOEMEEK SC2 v1.05 original legendary Photo-Optical stereo Compressor

Requisite Audio Pal Plus MKIII micpre compressor

Universal Audio/UREI LA3A classic opto compressor

Vertigo sound VSC-2 High-end 2 ch VCA compressor

Audio & Design Recording compex2

DBX 263X deesser

FMR rnc 1773 stereo compressor

Pendulum ES-8 stereo tube compressor

Universal Audio 6176 channel strip 610 tube preamp/eq and 1176 FET compressor

UREI LA4 Vintage opto compressor

Audio & Design Recording f760nx

DBX 163X vintage VCA

FAIRCHILD 670 Stereo Tube Compressor

NEVE 33314a vintage compressor limiter

SSL 4000G stereo buss compressor

UREI 1176LN black face vintage FET compressor

Anthony DeMarialabs ADL c-1000 hand made tube compressor limiter

Vintage Design C1 compressor

DAKING FET Compressor2

DRAWMER DS201 2ch Gate/ducking

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

Roland SDE1000 classic Delay flanger

EMT 140 vintage plate reverb

Lexicon 300L legendary Reverb unit with LARC remote

Lee Quintana and lexicon 480L preset cards

Dynacord CLS 222 electronic Leslie effect

KORG SDD-1000 vintage Delay Echo unit

Roland R-880 digital reverb plus GC8 graphic controller with George Massenburg

AKG BX20 vintage spring reverb

Eventide H3000 ultra harmonizer

Little Labs IBP Junior phase eliminate tool


Moog the rogue analogue synth

Rogers Vintage drum kit

Fender Vibro champ vintage tube amp 1968

Oberheim matrix1000 polyphonic analogue synth

Hammond M100 tube Tonewheel Organ

Wurlitzer 206A vintage electric piano

Fender Rhodes stage 73 MKII vintage electric piano

EMU ESI32 with syquest 270mb Fatar studio 610 master keyboard

Bechstein 2.20m Beautiful Grand Piano

Pommerenke handmade Snare drums

Ampeg Sb12 Vintage 60's Bass guitar amp

Software Plugin Bundles

Yamaha D5000 high end Delay Fx unit

TC Electronics M one XL reverb fx machine

Sony HRMP5 Multi effect

*requires additional rental fee

Low Swing Studio

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Berlin, DE

Studio Details

Largest Room Sq. Ft: 23.0 sq ft.

Ceiling Height:10.0 ft.

Number of Rooms:2

Max # of Inputs:10