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Loch Ness Songwriting Studio of NESS Records

Avondale Estates, GA 30002 US

Studio Description

Our songwriting studio features everything you need to pen your next hit. Track a demo or build radio-ready songs in ProTools. Edit vocals in Melodyne. Score PDF charts with Sibelius, or send the MIDI back to ProTools. Need beats or backing tracks? Done. With our Møog and Yamaha key synths, Godin guitar synth, Hammond organ, etc. the only limit is your imagination. Easy parking and MARTA access. Stairs. Open by appointment 24/7. • 40" HDTV display allows you to track from a comfortable distance and still see the waves • inspiring location juxtaposes rooftop "city view" against historic "main street USA" Avondale Estates • 2 highly-acclaimed restaurants downstairs, music venue next door • Xfinity WiFi hotspot, smoke free, pet free • scanner/copier/printer • on-location tracking is easy with our secondary rig, which is 100% portable; we can provide the PA for your next gig and upload a stereo digital mix to your website before the audience leaves the building

Rental Options

General Studio Session w/engineer

2-hr minimum | individual tracks + session file


General Studio Session w/engineer

10 hours + rough mix + files


General Studio Session w/engineer

30 days | final mix + files


Mixing w/engineer

vocal editing, tuning, etc.


Mixing w/engineer

final mix | up to 3 revisions


General Studio Session w/engineer

LIVE RECORD DEAL = on-location, instant digital stereo mix



  • Vocal Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Location Recording
  • Editing
  • Online Mixing



Allen & Heath ZED 12FX


Cubase AI 9

ProTools 12


Creative 24-bit / 192kHz for Firewire, S/PDIF, TOS, 1/4, RCA

Black Lion Audio Sparrow mkII 24-bit / 192kHz / 124dB (SNR)

Mic Preamps

Presonus BlueTube


Wurlitzer acoustic piano

Software Plugin Bundles

Melodyne 4

Sibelius 8


Virtual Instruments

Yamaha YC-3B

Steinberg Prologue

Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra

Floating Gear


Allen & Heath ZED 12FX


DBX Drive Rack PX + RTA mic

Yamaha MSR-400 (pair)



Shure Beta 58A

AKG 414 *

Shure SM 57

Sennheiser e609 *

TC Helicon MP-75 (2)

Neumann U87 *

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

Furman M8LX Merit Series

Korg Toneworks DTR-2

EMU Proteus 2000

Stomp Boxes

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini (2)

Vox Thomas Organ Crybaby Wah *

MXR M87 Bass Compressor *

Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler *

Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic *

Boss TR-2 *

TC Helicon VoiceLive Play *

Boss DD-5 Digital Delay *

Morley VAI-1 Bad Horsie Wah *

TC Electronic Ditto Looper *

Earthquaker Devices Afterneath *

Boss FB-2 *

TC Helicon Mic Mechanic *

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus *

Catalinbread Heliotrope *

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay *

Dunlop GCB-80 High Gain Volume Pedal *

MXR Script Phase 90 *

Catalinbread Perseus *

Boss RC-2 Loop Station *


Mandolin, ac-el

Oud, ac-el

Zildjian Cymbals

M-Audio O2 USB MIDI controller

Minimøog Voyager *

Godin Multiac el nylon guitar / synth *

Fender Squier VI bass

Tama SwingStar Drums

Assorted drum sticks / mallets

Yamaha MX49

Hammond XK-3c *


Washburn Taurus T24 neck-through bass

Alvarez ac-el guitar

Møog Mother 32


Fender Mustang

Fishman Loudbox Artist PRO-LBX 600

Fender Blues Junior Special Edition

Behringer BX4500H Ultrabass head

Ampeg 1x15 speaker cabinet

*requires additional rental fee

NESS Records

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Avondale Estates, GA 30002 US
(404) 433-1071