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Studio B of Piety Street Recording

728 Piety Street New Orleans, LA 70177 US

Studio Photos

Studio Description

We've tried to combine the best of all possible audio worlds so as to have a great place to work without leaving town.



ProTools LE 002

Masterlink CD 24


Metric Halo 2882

Metric Halo ULN8

Crane Song Hedd

Apogee PSX 100


B&W Matrix 805

Hearback Headphone Distribution

B&W Matrix 801

KRK Rokit 6CL

SPL Phonitor Headphone Amp

Mic Preamps

API 3124

Sebatron UMP 4000E

UA 6-176


AKG 460 B/CK 61-ULS (3)

Blue Cactus

Neumann M-150

Shure Beta 58

AT-25 (2)

Blue Mouse (2)

Octava MK-219 (2)

Soundelux PTM11

AT 4047/SV

Charter Oaks (2)

RCA 44-A

Telefunken U-47

Audix D4

Earthworks SR71

Royer SF-24 (2)

AEA A84 (2)

Audix D1

EV 664

Sennheiser e602

AKG 451/CK-1 (2)

Blue Bottles (2)

Neumann 149

Shure Mercenary SM-57 (2)

Alesis/Groove Tube AM40

Blue Kiwi

Neumann TLM170R

Shure 520-D

AT 4051a (2)

Cascade Fat Head

RCA 77

Soundelux U-97 (2)

Audix D6

Earthworks QTC1 (2)

Royer R-121 (2)

ADK-51 (2)

Audix D2 (2)

EV 676

Sennheiser MD-441-U (2)

AKG 451 E (2)

Beyer M88 (2)

Neumann KM-85 (2)

Shure Sm-57 (2)

APEX ribbon (3)

Blue Dragonfly (2)

Neumann KM-86 (2)

Shure Green Bullet

AT 4050 (2)

Blue Woodpecker ribbons (2)

Octava MC-012 (3)

Soundelux U-I95 (2)

Audix CX-111

Coles 4038-SA (2)

Reslosound Ltd.Reslo (2)

Audix D3

EV RE-20

Sennheiser MD-421

AKG 451 LB/CK-26 (2)

Audix SCX 25A (2)

Neumann KM-84i (4)

Sennheisser MD-409 (2)


Weiss EQ 1A

Avalon 747

Manley Massive Passive

Avalon AD 2055


Weiss DS1

Waves L2

Manley Vari Mu


Yamaha C3 with Steinway guts

*requires additional rental fee

Piety Street Recording

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728 Piety Street New Orleans, LA 70177 US
(504) 948-4968