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Studio B of Piety Street Recording

728 Piety Street New Orleans, LA 70177 US

Studio Photos

Studio Description

We've tried to combine the best of all possible audio worlds so as to have a great place to work without leaving town.



Masterlink CD 24

ProTools LE 002


Metric Halo ULN8

Crane Song Hedd

Apogee PSX 100

Metric Halo 2882


Hearback Headphone Distribution

B&W Matrix 801

KRK Rokit 6CL

SPL Phonitor Headphone Amp

B&W Matrix 805

Mic Preamps

Sebatron UMP 4000E

UA 6-176

API 3124


Shure Mercenary SM-57 (2)

AKG 451/CK-1 (2)

Blue Bottles (2)

Neumann 149

Shure 520-D

Alesis/Groove Tube AM40

Blue Kiwi

Neumann TLM170R

RCA 77

Soundelux U-97 (2)

AT 4051a (2)

Cascade Fat Head

Royer R-121 (2)

Audix D6

Earthworks QTC1 (2)

Sennheiser MD-441-U (2)

ADK-51 (2)

Audix D2 (2)

EV 676

Shure Sm-57 (2)

AKG 451 E (2)

Beyer M88 (2)

Neumann KM-85 (2)

Shure Green Bullet

APEX ribbon (3)

Blue Dragonfly (2)

Neumann KM-86 (2)

Soundelux U-I95 (2)

AT 4050 (2)

Blue Woodpecker ribbons (2)

Octava MC-012 (3)

Reslosound Ltd.Reslo (2)

Audix CX-111

Coles 4038-SA (2)

Sennheiser MD-421

Audix D3

EV RE-20

Sennheisser MD-409 (2)

AKG 451 LB/CK-26 (2)

Audix SCX 25A (2)

Neumann KM-84i (4)

Shure Beta 58

AKG 460 B/CK 61-ULS (3)

Blue Cactus

Neumann M-150

Soundelux PTM11

AT-25 (2)

Blue Mouse (2)

Octava MK-219 (2)

RCA 44-A

Telefunken U-47

AT 4047/SV

Charter Oaks (2)

Royer SF-24 (2)

Audix D4

Earthworks SR71

Sennheiser e602

AEA A84 (2)

Audix D1

EV 664


Avalon 747

Manley Massive Passive

Avalon AD 2055

Weiss EQ 1A


Waves L2

Manley Vari Mu

Weiss DS1


Yamaha C3 with Steinway guts

*requires additional rental fee

Piety Street Recording

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728 Piety Street New Orleans, LA 70177 US
(504) 948-4968