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Rome Recording

3891 Grove City Road Grove City (Columbus), OH 43123 US

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Studio Description

Rome Recording has an uncommon combination of quality factors resulting in recording successes exceeding 40 years of business with clients from all over the United States and all levels of artists from amateurs to nationally known musicians. We have a rare servant attitude in our client relationships that creates a relaxed creative environment which encourages productivity and inspiration. While we work in any genre we believe we have a special calling in Christian music. But no matter who you are we treat you like a star.


  • Vocal Tracking
  • Band Tracking
  • Larger Ensemble Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Audio Restoration
  • Editing
  • Online Mastering
  • Online Mixing



Control 24 Desk by Digidesign/Focusrite


Protools 192 8 Channel I/O

Avid 16 Channel I/O (New Converters)

ProTools HDX w/Mac 12 Core


Avid NEW ProTools HD Converters


Wide Selection of Headphones (13)

Hear Technologies Hear Back System With Personal Mixers (6)

Event Tuned Reference 6

JBL LSR 4328

Mic Preamps

PreSonus M80 (8 Channel Pre)

APHEX 207D (2 Channel Tube Preamp)

Quad 8 - 4 Channel Preamp

Digidesign Focusrite (16 Preamps)

Avalon 2022 Dual Microphone Preamp


Royer 121 Ribbon

Altec 685B

Shure Beta 52

Peavy PVR1

EV Cardinal

Avantone CK-1


AKG C 12 VR (Tube)

Teac ME 120

Sennheiser 421mkII - Vintage (2)

EV 666

EV RE 38

AKG D112 (2)

Sony ECM 22P

Micro Tech UM92s (Tube)

CAD NDM 10 (2)

AKG C414 B-ULS large diaphragm condensers (2)

Shure Beta 56

Shure SM81 condenser (2)

Shure Unidyne 55C

AKG C5600

Shure SM57 (3)

AKG 451 EB (2)

Shure SM58 (4)


Wide Selection of Plugins


Wide Selection of Plugins

Presonus ACP88

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

Wide Selection of Plugins

Stomp Boxes

Line 6 M13

Roland GR33

Pigtronics Philosopher's Tone (comp)

Biyang Tone Fancier EQ7

Fulltone GT500

Rocktron Austin Gold

Rocktron Silver Dragon (Tube)


McKinley Nashville-Tuned (High-Strung) Acoustic Guitar

Godin LGX SA

Korg Triton Studio

Taylor 815CE

Godin 5 String Bass

8 Piece DW Maple Kit w/Quality Cymbals ($6,000 Kit)


Roland KC-500

Vox Night Train NT15 Head

112 Orange Cabinet

Custom Coupe 36 (112) Tube Amp

Software Plugin Bundles

Izotope RX2

Fairchild Compressors

McDSP - Filter Bank - 6030 - MC2000

Line 6 Pod Farm 2

Antares Auto Tune

Eventide H3000 band delays & Ultra Channel

Mooger Fooger Bundle

Waves In Phase

Avid Pultec Bundle

Waves Tune (Full)

Waves Signature Vocal Bundle

Phoenix Crane Song

(All Plugins 100% Legal)

Summit Grand Channel (Softube)

Reverb One

Sonnox - EQ - Dynamics - Reverb

Focusrite Red Compressor and EQ

Waves Platinum Bundle

Chandler Compressors


Line 6 Gearbox Gold

Slate Trigger

Massenburg MDW Hi Res EQ

Waves Restoration Bundle

BF Classic Compressor Bundle

Virtual Instruments

Addictive Keys (Excellent Piano)

Air Expand 2

Sonik Synth 2

Korg Legacy - Wavestation and M1

Includes Strike, Structure, Velvet, Hybrid, Transfusor

Air Expansion Bundle

*requires additional rental fee

Rome Recording

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3891 Grove City Road Grove City (Columbus), OH 43123 US

Studio Details

Largest Room Sq. Ft: 310.0 sq ft.

Ceiling Height:9.5 ft.

Number of Rooms:3

Max # of Inputs:24

floor plan