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Satellite Recording Studios

2028 Carolina Place Drive Ft. Mill, SC 29708 US

Studio Photos

Studio Description

Satellite Recording Studios, near Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the finest recording facilities in the region.

Rental Options

General Studio Session w/engineer

Rate for Studio A (large room)


General Studio Session w/engineer

Rate for Studio A (large room)


General Studio Session w/engineer

Rate for Studio B (small room)


General Studio Session w/engineer

Rate for Studio B (small room)



  • Vocal Tracking
  • Band Tracking
  • Larger Ensemble Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Analogue Summing
  • Mastering
  • Vinyl Mastering
  • Audio Restoration
  • Editing



Yamaha O2R96v2 Digital 24 I/O

Yamaha O2Rv2 Digital 24 I/O


Steinberg Cubase 4.0

Steinberg Wavelab 6

Reason 5

Pro Tools HD9




MOTU 2408 MKII (2)


Quested VS3208 Active Mid-Field

Yamaha NS10

Hafler QSC & Yamaha amplification

KRK V6 Active

Tannoy PBM8

Genelec 1032A Active

JBL 4306/4308/4206 Potbellies

Mic Preamps

SSL XLogic SuperAnalogue Channel Strip

TL Audio PA 1 Pentode 2 Channel Tube Preamp

API 3124+ 4 Channel Preamp

Universal Audio 6176 Preamp/Compressor

Daking Mic Pre One

AMR/Peavey VMP2 Dual Channel Tube Mic Preamp/EQ

Avalon VT737 Tube Preamp/Compressor/EQ

Neve Portico 5015 Preamp/Compressor

Golden Age Pre73 Neve 1073 Clone Preamp

Universal Audio LA-610 Preamp/Compressor

Daking Mic Pre IV 4 Channel Preamp

Manley/Langevin Dual Mono Mic Preamp/EQ

Empirical Labs EL9 Preamp/Compressor

Lipinski L-409 Signature Preamp (2)

M Audio Tampa Preamp/Compressor

Amek/Neve DMCL Pure Path 2 Channel Preamp/Compressor

Universal Audio 710 Twin Finity Preamp

Manley/Langevin DVC 2 Channel Preamp/Limiter/EQ

Summit Audio MPC 100A Tube Preamp/Compressor


Groove Tubes GT57fet

Studio Projects C3

Blue Blueball Dynamic/Condenser

Neumann U87i (1968 & 1974) (2)


Electrovoice N/DYM 408A

Audio Technica 4060 Tube

Marshall MXL V77 Tube

Neumann TLM193

AKG C4000B

Electrovoice Blue Raven

Audio Technica 3525A

Marshall MXL 990 Stereo

Neumann M582 Tube M93 Omni

AKG C391/CK1

Shure SM57

Beyer Dynamic MPC 65VCSW PZM Boundary

Karma Audio K6 Ribbon

Neumann Gefell MV692 UM70s

AKG D900 Shotgun

SE Electronics z5600a Tube

Oktava MKL2500 Tube

M Audio Solaris

Neumann Gefell M71

Sennheiser MKH 105 Omni

SE Electronics 1100afet

Groove Tubes AM40 Tube

Oktava MK319

Stedman N90

AKG C61/CK28 Tube

Electrovoice RE20

Groove Tubes GT33

Studio Projects LSD2 Stereo

Neumann U89i


Electrovoice N/DYM 737A

Audio Technica 835 PZM Boundary

Marshall MXL 190

Neumann M582 Tube With N61 PSU

AKG D112

Shure SM58

Audio Technica MB5K

Telefunken RFT M16 MkII Tube

Neumann Gefell MV692 M70


Shure KSM27

Beyer Dynamic SHM 22HWS

Crown PCC 170SW PZM Boundary

Neumann Gefell MV692 M94

Sennheiser 421U5

SE Electronics 2200afet

Oktava MK219

Heil Sound PR40

AKG C12VR Tube

Rode Classic Tube

Groove Tubes GT66 Tube

Groove Tubes T55fet

Studio Projects C1

Neumann M147 Tube


Electrovoice 635A Omni

Audio Technica 4033A

Marshall MXL V87

Neumann TLM103

AKG C1000

Shure SM81

Audio Technica ATM250DE

LOMO 19A19

Neumann Gefell MV692 UM70S


Shure SM7

Beyer Dynamic MPC 67RCSW PZM Boundary

Tracy Korby CM1/U47fet

Neumann Gefell MV692 UM70s Silver

Sennheiser 441U

SE Electronics z5500a Tube

Oktava ML52 Ribbon

Cascade Vinjet Long Ribbon

Neumann Gefell M70

Sennheiser 504A

Groove Tubes GT67 Tube


Universal Audio 1176 Limiter (3)

Golden Age Comp-54 Compressor

DBX 160A 2 Channel Compressor

Drawmer DL241 2 Channel Compressor/Limiter

Urei LA-4 Compressor/Limiter

DBX 160SL Blue Series 2 channel Compressor/Limiter

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8 Compressor

Urei LA-10 Compressor

AMR/Peavey VC/L2 Tube Compressor

DBX 166 2 channel Compressor

Drawmer MX30 2 Channel Compressor

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

Deltalab Effectron Delay

Korg 3300 Triple Digital Delay

Stomp Boxes

Roland/Boss Space Echo

Roger Linn Adrenalinn

Sovtek Big Muff PI

tons more!

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff

Line 6 Pod


Vintage Takamine F365S Jumbo Acoustic

Vintage 1950s Fender Lap Steel

Olympia/Tacoma OD3 Acoustic

SX Fretless Bass

'74 Fender Telecaster

1942 Wurlitzer Spinet

'81 Squier Telecaster

M-Audio Radium MIDI Controller

06 Epiphone SG 65 Maestro Reissue

Korg M3R

'95 Squier Pro Tone Strat

Vintage Takamine EF4000S 12-String Acoustic

Spector P-Bass

74 Fender Stratocaster

1931 Wurlitzer Baby Grand

Fender Blacktop Baritone Telecaster

Privia Weighted Key Grand Piano

'94 Ephiphone Les Paul

Proteus 2000

G&L Legacy Strat

Vintage Takamine EF340S Acoustic

Carter Pedal Steel Guitar

Danelectro 12-String Electric

Fender Squier Jazz Bass

91 Fender Telecaster

Vintage Tama Artstar 8-Piece Drum Kit

'87 Squier Stratocaster

Roland JV 1080

G&L ASAT Classic Telecaster

Mirage 8 Bit Sampler


'72 Fender Bassman 100

Fender Hot Rod Deville

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Fender Super Champ

Vox Valvetronix

Software Plugin Bundles

Waves Mercury Bundle

PSP Vintage Warmer

API Bundle

Sonalksis CQ1

Antares Auto Tune 5

Nomad Blue Tubes Bundle

PSP PCM42 Delay

SSL 4000 Channel Strips

Akai VST Pack

L3 And L2 Maximizers

SV 315 & SV 517

Drumagog 5

PSP Easyverb

IDR Reverbs

Izotope Vinyl

URS Bundle A10 EQs and Native Strip Pro


Celemony Melodyne

PSP Multi Delay

Virtual Instruments

Project SAM Horns

Native Instruments Elektrik Piano

Native Instruments B4 & B4II

EZ Drummer (multiple kits)

Project SAM Symphobia

Kontakt Orchestra

Ivory Piano

M-Tron Pro

East/West Symphony Orchestra


tons more!

*requires additional rental fee

Satellite Recording Studios

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2028 Carolina Place Drive Ft. Mill, SC 29708 US
(803) 548-1201

Studio Details

Largest Room Sq. Ft: 560.0 sq ft.

Ceiling Height:10.0 ft.

Number of Rooms:4

Max # of Inputs:24