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Control Room of Studio B Recording

Via Val Maggia, 6 Milano, Milano 20139 IT

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Studio Description

Digital recording studio in southern Milan, Italy. 20 sq meters recording room, good sounding and with variable acoustic response, with complete drumkit, bass amp, 3 guit amp, upright piano, PA system. Separate control room equipped with Neve Genesys G32 console, additional SSL Sigma Delta summing mixer, PT 10 HD system, Audient Sumo. Preamps by SSL, Manley, Heritage Audio, SPL, Focusrite, Presonus, Roland. 24 simultaneous audio tracks. Mics by Neumann, Se Electronics, Shure, Akg, Electrovoice. Recording, editing, mixing, post production and mastering services with affordable rates per hour. Among the credits Janet Gray, CJ Hamilton, Bruce Sudano, Matteo Catenazzi, Delsaceleste, Fabrizio Mirone, the Close, Marco Da Rold, Luigi Manfrin.

Rental Options

Mixing w/engineer


Mastering w/engineer


General Studio Session w/engineer


Mixing w/engineer


Mastering w/engineer


General Studio Session w/engineer


Online Mastering w/engineer


Online Mixing w/engineer



  • Vocal Tracking
  • Band Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Analogue Summing
  • Location Recording
  • Mastering
  • Tape Transfers
  • Audio Restoration
  • Editing
  • Field Recording
  • Internship Opening Available
  • Online Mastering
  • Online Mixing



Neve Genesys G32 console with EQ, Dyn, converters, Encore automation & full recall

SSL Sigma Delta analogue summing mixer

Roland VS-2480 DVD

Audient Sumo analogue summing mixer


Pro Tools 10 HD (HD3 accel)

Pro Tools 8 HD (HD3 accel)

Roland VS-2480 DVD

Revox A77 HS reel tape

Akai GX265 reel tape


Apogee Big Ben

Lynx Aurora 16 HD

Apogee DA-16X

Digidesign 192

Digidesign 96io

Digidesign 96i


Dutch & Dutch 8C

Yamaha MSP5

Roland DM-10

Mic Preamps

Neve 88R pre with recall (16)

SPL Channel One

Presonus Digimax FS 8 Ch MicPre/Converter

Focusrite ISA 430 MK II Producer Pack

Focusrite Liquid 4pre


Focusrite (Control 24)

Manley VoxBox

Avalon AD 2022 dual

SPL Goldmike

Roland VS-2480 DVD

Heritage Audio 1073/500 (2)


Neumann U87 Ai

Neumann TLM170R

Neumann U 47 FET

AEA N22 (active ribbon)

Lewitt MPT 940 CM

Shure Beta52A

Soyuz SU-013

Samson C02 (2)

Blue Baby Bottle (2)

Shure SM58 (4)

SE Electronics 2200A

Audio Technica AE 2500

ElectroVoice Cardinal

Shure SM57 (4)

ElectroVoice ND168

Cadenza vintage ribbon

SE Electronics Titan

SE Electronics R1 ribbon mic (2)

AKG 418 (3)

Audix ADX-51 (2)

ElectroVoice Raven

SE Electronics Z5600a II

Shure Beta57 (2)

Samson CL2 (2)

Neumann KM 184 (2)

Chameleon Labs TS-1 MKII

Sennheiser MD421-N

Sennheiser MD421 (2)

Beyerdynamic TG D57c (2)

Electrovoice N/D 408A


Neve 1084 with recall (8)

Neve 88R with recall (8)

SPL Channel One

Heritage Audio 1073/500 (2)

Oram Sonics HD Def EQ limited edition

Manley Vox Box

Api 550 B

Focusrite ISA 430 MK II Producer Pack

Empirical Labs Lil Freq (2)


Neve Genesys Dyn with recall (16)

JoeMeek SC4 stereo M/S

Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor (2)

Drawmer DF320

Amek 9098 stereo limiter/compressor

Dbx 166 xl (2)


SPL Channel One

Fredenstein F602

Urei LA-3A

Manley VoxBox

Teletronics LA-2A

Thermionic Culture The Phoenix

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

Pioneer SR202W vintage spring reverb

Aphex Aural Exciter type B

TC Electronics System 6000

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Rauzeitmaschine


M-Audio Axion 61


Marshall Valvestate 8008

Software Plugin Bundles

Izotope Nectar

Air Bundle

McDSP Chrome Tone Hd

Amplitube 3

Bomb Factory Bundle

Celemony Melodyne studio

Waves Gold Bundle

Focusrite Liquidmix HD

Abbey Road Brilliance Pack

Flux Bundle

Izotope Ozone 4

Izotope RX5 Advanced

Trillium Lane Labs

McDSP Futzbox

Digidesign -Full HD pack

Waves SSL 4000 Bundle

Antares Autotune 7 TDM

Antares Vocal Harmony Engine

Virtual Instruments

Sample tank 2


midi grand

expand 2

Miroslav Philharmonik


acces virus indigo


Velvet - Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes




Floating Gear


Beat thang sampler/drum machide *

yamaha qy-100 *

*requires additional rental fee

Artist: Lorenzo Gabanizza

Album: Demons

Credit(s): Recording, Mixin, Mastering

Artist: Marco da Rold's Ghost Train

Album: Ghost Train

Credit(s): Recording, Mixin, Mastering

Artist: Marco da Rold's Ghost Train

Album: Bowl of the Wild

Credit(s): Recording, Mixin, Mastering

Artist: Jack Frusciante e' rientrato nel gruppo

Album: Amori di cartapesta

Credit(s): Producer, Recording, Mixin, Mastering

Artist: Matteo Catenazzi

Album: Non mi libero di te

Credit(s): Recording

Artist: Sigma The Voice

Album: Sola Andata

Credit(s): Recording, Mixin, Mastering

Artist: Stefano Zorco

Album: Senza respiro

Credit(s): Recording

Artist: Delsaceleste

Album: Le orme dei miei passi

Credit(s): Mixin, Mastering

Artist: Demodave

Album: Mixdave 2015

Credit(s): Recording, Mixin, Mastering

Artist: Fabrizio Mirone

Album: Italia in miniatura

Credit(s): Mastering

Artist: Zeno

Album: La farfalla cinese

Credit(s): Mastering

Artist: Still G

Album: K.W.C.

Credit(s): Recording, Mixin

Artist: Over The Midline

Album: Shadow of Regrets

Credit(s): Recording, Mixin, Mastering


Jack Frusciante è rientrato nel gruppo

Nati per caso da un annuncio di mercatino musicale messo da Marco Bonoldi (batterista) e dalle migrazioni studentesche verso il Politecnico che hanno portato a Milano Francesco Camposeo (chitarrista) e Matteo Muffo (bassista), il gruppo si completa nel febbraio 2015 con l'ingresso di Gabriele Masi (cantante). Dopo aver coverizzato il mondo del rock dai Led Zeppelin fino a Black Keys, nel 2017 iniziano a intraprendere l'avventura compositiva da cui è nato il primo album Amori di Cartapesta, una selezione delle canzoni più rappresentative e riassunto di tre anni di concerti, pubblico scatenato , risate e varie storie più o meno accadute, probabili o immaginate.


Album: Amori di cartapesta


Credit: Producer

Album: È una bomba


Credit: Producer

Studio B Recording

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Via Val Maggia, 6 Milano, Milano 20139 IT
+39 02 78627813