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The Decibel Garden

3435 Wynkoop Suite A, Denver, CO 80216 US

Studio Photos

Studio Description

We apply our multi-platinum record experience to every artist who sets foot in The Garden, and literally every last nook of our facility has bbeen tailored to bring musr to the budding minds of creatives like you.



Neotek Series Elite Analog Console


Tascam MSR-24 track Dolby analog tape recorder

Mic Preamps

Neve 1073 Preamp

Trident 4T Preamp/EQ/Comp

Langevin DVC Preamp/EQ/Comp

UA LA-610 Preamp/EQ/Comp API 3124 Preamp

Grace model 201 Preamp

Drawmer 1960 Preamp/Comp

Avalon VT-737 Preamp/EQ/Comp

Trident S-20 Preamp

SSL Alpha VHD Preamps


Vintage TESLA

AKG C1000

Shure Beta 52

AKG D-3400

Electrovoice EV 635-A

Neumann LAV


Electovoice ND-267

CAD GLX-2200

Shure Beta 58

Oktava MK-219

JBL Sub-Kick

Astatic DN-HZ

Peavey PVM-45

Neumann ELA Bottle

CAD E-200

MXL 990

Baby Bottle

Blue Ball

MXL V-6 Silicone Valve

Audio Technica MB-4000C

Audio Technica AT-22

Shure SM-57

AKG D-3400

Electrovoice EV PL-76

Rode NT-1

Blue Baby Bottle

MXL V-69 Mogami Edition

Neumann BCM-104


Sterling ST-51

Sennheiser MD-421


MXL C-2000

Neumann CMV-563

AKG 414

Shure Bakelite 441

AKG D-112

Calrad DM-21

Lomo YM-51

Sennheiser E-609

Audio Technica ATM-31R

Shure SM-58

Shure VP-64


Electrovoice EV-668

Neumann UM-70

Oktava MK-319

Charter Oak SA-538

Neumann MV-691

Sennheiser ME-66

AKG D-125

Audix Fusion

MXL 993


Wheatstone 1500-C EQ


Groove Tubes CL1-S Compressor

Orban 422A Compressor

Drawmer MX-30 Compressor

Klark Teknik DN422M


carbon fiber acoustic guitar

Vintage Crown Bros upright Grand Piano

Yamaha Budokan

Ovation cutaway thin bod 6 string acoustic guitar

Vintage Fender Clone 4-string bass

head and cab

Vintage Peavey T-60 Guitar

Martin backpacker acoutsic guitar


Gibson GA5W

tweed custom combo

Baxendale Superlative


Johnson Melenium combo

Vintage Sears 100G combo

Mando style Classical Guitar

DW- pacific drum kit

Kustom tuck and roll

Ovation Adamas

Yamaha 88 note weighted keyboard/controller

Acoustic tuned tube reverb combo

Ovation Ultra 12 string acoustic guitar

1800メs Steinway rosewood Grand Piano

Gibson Moog L6

cigar-box style banjo

Ampeg svt 4-pro bass amp

Epiphone studio 10s combo


Baxendale custom Harwood style orchestral acoutsic guitar


Fender Pro rock head and cab

Crate G40C combo

Gianinni Graviola

Guilde vintage 12 string acoustic

Guitar research head and cab

1958 Gretche Syncromatic arch top acoustic guitar

noisemakers and percussion

Roland Jazz Chorus combo

Ovation Custom Legend 12 string acoutsic guitar

Baby Hammond organ with leslie

The Decibel Garden boutique special


Peavy Bass

Roland blues cube combo

Vintage Harmony sears style guitar

Vintage Washburn turn of the century

thunder series 4x10 bass cab


Gorilla TC35 combo

custom cutaway acoustic guitar

Gibson clone acoustic 6 string

Sovtek head and cab

Revera TBR-1m head and cab

Custom Flamaco violin peg style guitar

Assorted drums

head and cab

*requires additional rental fee

The Decibel Garden

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3435 Wynkoop Suite A, Denver, CO 80216 US
(303) 295-1114