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The Rattle Room

3200 N San Fernando Blvd Burbank , CA 91504 US

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Studio Description

Check out the all new and improved Rattle Room!!! We retrofitted our new space with custom bass traps, color adjustable lighting, a super quiet HVAC system, a new ceiling and custom diffusion and absorption panels. The result is a balanced and spectacular sounding live and control rooms. Additionally we upgraded our gear with a Top-Tier Mains Monitoring System and expanded our mic locker. We moved into our brand new commercial space Nov, 2016 and have already had many engineers, producers, songwriters and artists grinning ear to ear!!! The Rattle Room hosts a slew of audio production services and is packed with some of the best in digital and analog gear, giving its clientele an ample collection of production tools. All bookings come with an assistant engineer and for additional fee we can provide A List engineers, runners, catering and many other services. We offer competitive studio rates without sacrificing quality. Please visit our website for even more information.

Rental Options

General Studio Session w/engineer

Please complete form @


Mastering w/engineer

$20 per minute of material. 3 min song costs $60 total, includes instrumental version if needed.


Mixing w/engineer

Demo Mixes


Mixing w/engineer

Indie Release Mix


Mixing w/engineer

Commercial Release


General Studio Session w/engineer

Based on a 12 hour day.



  • Vocal Tracking
  • Band Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Analogue Summing
  • Mastering
  • Editing
  • Internship Opening Available
  • Online Mastering
  • Online Mixing



SSL AWS 948 with (x6) 96 point patchbays


Protools 10/11 HD


Burl Mothership 24in/32out


ATC 110 (2)

Avantone Cubes (2)

ATC SCM25A (2)

JL Fathom f113 v2 Sub

Mic Preamps

Sphere Discrete Transformer Coupled (8)

SSL AWS 948 Mic Pres (24)

SSL AWS 948 Line Pres (48)

Summit Audio 2BA-221 tube pre

Universal Audio 6176


Bock 251

Neumann 105

Royer 122

Sennheise E 609 (2)

EV 468N/D (3)

Neumann U87 (Stereo Pair)

Shure Beta 52

Neumann KM184 (2)

Audix i5


Shure Beta 58 (2)

AKG 451 (2)

Shure SM7B

Audio Technica 4050


AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Mic

Sennheiser 421 (3)

EV RE-20 (2)

Shure 520 DX “Green Bullet”

Shure SM57 (4)

Audio Technica 4051

AKG 535 (2)


SSL AWS 948 E and G series switchable (24)

Sontec 250EX Stereo EQ


Universal Audio 6176

Universal Audio LA2A

SSL 500 series (2)

Inward Connections TSL-4 Vac Rac Stereo Tube Limiter w/ NOS Tubes

Retro Sta-Level

Empiracal Labs Distressors ELX w british mod (2)

Purple Audio MC77 (1176)

Retro Instruments 176 (2)

Tube Tech CL 1B

Universal Audio LA3A (2)

Drawmer DS404 Gates

Summit Audio TL50

Echo's/ Delay's /Outboard Effects

See Plug-ins

Stomp Boxes

Blackout Effectors Fixed Fuzz Deluxe

Boss Metal Zone

Boss Distortion (orange)

JHS Four Wheeler

Boss Chorus

Voodoo Labs Iso 5

Boss Blues Driver


Gretch Maple Rack Tom 12"

Tablas, Udu, Calabash, Shakers, Tamborines and various percussion

Pearl Kick 22x18

Gretch Maple Floor Tom 16"

Alesis QS6 midi controller keyboard

Gretch Heavy Brass Snare 14x8.5

Zildjian Cymbals (owner hand picked at factory) (6)


Small Fender Combo Amp (solid state)

Software Plugin Bundles

Celemony Melodyne Studio 4

SSL X-ValveComp

Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel

Native Instruments Complete 9

Wavemachine Labs Drumagog

UAD Octo Ultimate Bundle (57+ plug-ins)

Izotope Vinyl

Avid Air Bundle

SSL X-Phase

iZotope Trash 2

SSL X-Saturator

Waves X Noise

Waves Platinum Bundle

Waves One Knob Bundle

Altiverb 7

SSL Channel Strip

iZotope Ozone 7 Plus

SSL Delta Control

Soundtoys 5 Bundle

Waves Bass Rider

iZotope Alloy 2

Antares Autotune 8

iZotope Nectar 2 Suite

Virtual Instruments

Urban 808s

Alicia Keys

EAST WEST Hollywood strings

Native Instruments Complete 9

Berlin Strings

Air Bundle

*requires additional rental fee

The Rattle Room

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3200 N San Fernando Blvd Burbank , CA 91504 US

Studio Details

Largest Room Sq. Ft: 600.0 sq ft.

Ceiling Height:10.0 ft.

Number of Rooms:2

Max # of Inputs:24

floor plan