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The Track Studio

961 N Ave Suite 400, Plano, TX 75074 US

Studio Photos

Studio Description

The Track Studio is a world-class facility offering an integrated platform of music production, audio post-production, location audio mixing, recording training, and music lessons.

Rental Options

General Studio Session




Apple Mac Pro

Toshiba Satellite L455-S5980

Studer A810

HP Pavilion a1540n

Lenovo G560-0679|2

Apple iMac

Lenovo G570-4334|2


Creative A220

AKG K44 (5)

Sony MDR-V500

Adam S5-VA (2)

JBL JRX125 (2)

Eagle Arion ET-AR306-BK

Hear Technologies Hearback

Bose QC-1

Kef 103.2 (2)

Gear Head SP3750ACB

Bose Companion 5

MoreMe Studio Deluxe (5)

Adam A7 (2)

TREO SSX 15? Subwoofer

Mic Preamps

API 3124+

A Designs EM-Gold

Carver CT-6

Aurora Audio GTQ2

Chandler TG2

A Designs Pacifica (5)

A Designs EM-Silver

A Designs EM-Blue

Universal Audio 2-610

Mercury M72s

A Designs MP-2A

A Designs EM-Red

Trident S20

Mercury AM16


Korby KAT FET (2)

STC Coles 4038 (2)

Shure SM57 (5)

Telefunken USA U47

Sennheiser MD421 (3)

Peluso P12

Shure SM58

Mercenary KM69 (2)

Royer 121 (2)

Beyerdynamic M160

Electro-Voice RE20

Peluso 2251

Sennheiser e609

Soundelux U195



Shure SM7B

Telefunken USA M260 (2)

Beyerdynamic M88

AKG C-414BXLS (2)

Yamaha Subkick


Mercury EQ-P1

Rane PE17

A Designs EM-PEQ (2)


SPL Transient Designer TD4

M-Audio MobilePre

Universal Audio 1176LN (2)

Teletronix LA-2A

Innertube Atomic Squeezebox

Apogee DA16X

DBX DriveRack PX

Retro Instruments STA Level

Empirical Labs Distressor (2)

Apogee AD16X

Avid MBox

Retro Instruments 176

DBX 160x (2)


Fender Twin Reverb

Pearl Chad Smith Snare

Gibson Firebird

Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

Zildjian 17? K Custom Hybrid

Spider IV 15 (6)

Zildjian 14? A Mastersound (2)

Baldwin BH185 6? Grand

Ampeg 610-HLF Cabinet

Rhythm Tech Live

M-Audio Axiom 61

Pearl Export Fusion

Fender Telecaster

Marshall 1987x

Pearl H1000

Gibson SG

Marshall 4x12 1960 Lead

Zildjian 18? A Custom Crash

Epiphone Les Paul

Peavey CS400

Zildjian 20? Medium Ride

Leslie 145

Zildjian 16? ZBT Crash

M-Audio Axiom 49

Yamaha Recording Custom

Fender Stratocaster (2)

Yamaha P95

Pearl H2000

Fender Precision

Ampeg SVT-CL


Gibson L-9s Ripper

Peavey Classic Fifty

Zildjian 20? Ping Ride

Acoustic B20

Zildjian 14? ZBT Hi Hat (2)

Hammond A100

Carver TFM-35 (2)

LP150 Cyclops

M-Audio Oxygen 25 (4)

Pearl M1330 Piccolo Snare

Gibson Les Paul Custom

*requires additional rental fee

The Track Studio

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961 N Ave Suite 400, Plano, TX 75074 US
(972) 423-5958