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Studio A of Wright Way Studios

425 Fawcett St. Baltimore, MD 21211 US

Studio Photos

Studio Description

Built in 1990, WrightWay Studios has been a staple of the Mid - Atlantic music scene and a destination for national recording artists since it's inception.



SSL 4056


Pro-Tools 9 HD4 w/HEAT 3xDigi192kHz I/O

Sony APR 24 Track 2"

Apogee AD8000SE


AD-8000 Apogee 8 Channel Converter w/SE upgrade

Digidesign Mbox

DigiDesign 192kHz HD Interfaces w/24 192kHz Dedicated XLR Converters (3)

Apogee PSX-100 2 Channel Digital Converter w/SE upgrade

Digidesign Digi002 (2)

Digidesign 888/24bit 8 Channel Converter (7)

Digidesign Digi003

Presonus Digimax FS 8 Ch MicPre/Converter

DigiDesign 96kHz HD Interfaces (4)


Mackie HR824

Urei 813C


Event Electronics 20/20 S250 15"subwoofer

Dynaudio BM6A


Yamaha NS-10

Mic Preamps

Avalon 737 tube

Dan Alexander (2)

Drawmer 1960 tube (4)

Neve 33129s (2)

Vintech 473 (4)

API 512c (4)

Vintech 1272 (2)

Calrec 1081 (2)

API with neve input mods (8)


Royer SF12 Stereo Ribbon

AKG 451 cond (3)

Sennheiser 441

Audio Tech 4050 (2)

Beyer M140 Ribbon

Shure Beta 87 (2)

Countryman DI (8)

Shure SM-57 (11)

EV 666R cardioid (2)

Shure SM-91 PZM

AKG C391

Royer 122 ribbon

AKG 414 (2)

Sennheiser 421 (5)

AKG C3000

Shure Beta 56

Beyer M88

Crown 30 GPB PZM

Shure SM-7

EV D/N868 (2)

Shure SM-81 (5)

Neumann U87

SE Reflexion Filter


SansAmp Tech 21 DI

AKG The Tube

Shure Beta 52 (3)

Avalon U5 DI

Beyer TGX-50

Shure KSM 27


Shure SM-58 (3)

Korby Audio Tube Mic

Shure Green Bullet (2)

AKG D112 (2)


SSL G292 (24)

SSL E242 Black (24)


DBX 166 (4)

DBX 904 (4)

Dynamite Gate/Comps (2)

UREI 1178 stereo Comp

ADL C/L 1500 stereo tube limiter

DBX 160 X (3)

DBX 903 (4)

Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate

Tubetech PE1C EQ

BSS Opal Stereo Compressor

DBX 165 vintage

DBX 902 De-esser (3)

E/L Distressors with brit mods (4)

Behringer Stereo Composers (2)


Fender "Twin Amp" 90's

1970 Fender Twin Reverb Silverface

Orpheum Welson-Halifax Drawbar Organ

Rogers '59 Eagle Badge maple shell Blue Glass Glitter

Gretch Electromatic Guitar

Vox AC-30

G&K RCB200 Bass Head

Farfisa Fast-2


Taylor 810ce Dreadnought Acoustic

Lanikai LU21C 4String Ukulele

Fender Pro Junior 10" 70Watt

Yamaha S-80 88-Note Weighted Action Keyboard

Ludwig 80's Acrolite 5x14

Various Hand Drums

Gibson EB2 HollowBody 70's Bass

Ampeg 6x10 Bass Cab

Korg MS-10 Synth

Ludwig 70's Supra-Phonic 400 Steel 5x14


Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp 2 Channel 92'

Fender Reverb

Lowrey Toy Organ

Worldmax Vintage Series Brass 7x13

Sleigh bells

PRS Single Cut Guitar

Fender Twin 75

1957 Fender Tweed Harvard

Moog Concertmate MG-1

Maryland Drum 6 1/2x14 hammered brass

Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar

Roland JC-120

Silvertone Twin Twelve head Model 1484

Siel DK600

Vintage 1959 Rogers DrumKit

SilverTone 64' Guitar

Marshall JCM800 w/mod

Moog Minimoog Model D

Ludwig '61 nickel plated chrome 5x14


Epiphone MM30TR 8 String Mandolin

Fender Precision 71' Reissue

Ampeg SVT 300 Watt Tube Bass Head 70's Vintage

Fender Rhodes Mark II 73-Key Stage Piano

Ludwig 70's Supersensitive 451 Steel 5x14


Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp 3 Channel 01'

Marshall 4x12 1960 Cab

Wurlitzer 64 key

Worldmax Vintage Series Hammered Phosphor Bronze 6.5x14


Soldano Decatone Amp

1954 Fender Tweed Pro

Arp Vintage String Ensemble

Baltimore Drum 8 x 14 10/6 maple

Fender Mustang 71' Guitar

Peavey Classic 100

1962 Fender Bassman head

Farfisa Compact Combo

DW Drum Kit

Yamaha SA1000 HollowBody Guitar

Orange AD-30

Roland SH-5 Synth

Slingerland '60 Hollywood Ace mahogany 6 1/2 x 14


Yamaha Acoustic 62'

Ernie Ball 5-String Stingray Bass

Budda Superdrive 30 Combo w/mod

Arp Odyssey

Ludwig 70's Black Beauty 552 6 1/2x14

Assorted Shakers

Line 6 5-String Variax Bass

Mesa Boogie 4x12 Rectifier Cab

Korg Maxikorg DV800

Ludwig 70's Powder Coated in &out Supra-Phonic 400 5x14


Maya Custom 15 watt Prototype

1962 Fender Bandmaster

Arp Omni

Worldmax Vintage Series Phosphor Bronze 4x14


Fender Stratocaster

Software Plugin Bundles

TC 2290 digital delay (2)

Yamaha Rev 5

POD Line 6 Guitar sims (2)

Boss Dr. Rhythm DR770 Drum Machine

Eventide H3000

Rocktron Intellifex


Yamaha SPX 900

Inward Conn GSP-1 4way Guitar Splitter

Lexicon PCM70

TC M1 (2)

Yamaha Rev 7

Korg Rack tuners (4)

Lexicon 480L

*requires additional rental fee

Wright Way Studios

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425 Fawcett St. Baltimore, MD 21211 US
(410) 889-8030